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SM0FLY's ( Bram Bottema ) info page

I must admit that flying is almost as fun as ...


Flying PA28 


Ham-Radio !

Who is who

Got my Ham-Radio license in Holland 1962 as a 16 years young fanatic CW operator. During the sixties I was active as PA0BRM on most ham-bands in all modes from Rotterdam . Go to this page if you want to see how my Ham-Radio life was those happy innocent years, before the world was conquered by Jap stuff and long before our computers were poisoned by Microsoft's buggy software and even longer before our saviour Linus Thorvalds with Linux came to rescue us. Since 1970 I'm living in Stockholm and you can hear me as SM0FLY on the Short Wave DX-bands in CW and SSB with these antennas and this 'shack'
The management of the Stockholm DX-cluster SK0AR-6 is also a part of my life.
As you see from the picture above, I got beaten by another hobby that takes the rest of my spare-time, if any left..

My profession

After moving to Stockholm, I work within the Clinical Chemistry and Haematology engineering field and founded together with my companion Ingemar Berndtsson our company Medonic here in Stockholm. We are steady growing with nearly 100% export, so you might find our haematology analysers all over the world in the clinical laboratory, maybe at your local hospital as well.


Check out my old Mpeg-layer3 DX-recording page :

For the Groenenberg, Fuggetta and Bottema families :

Or take a look at my favourit series :

Or how about this one (The best Swedish cartoon ever..)


Take a look at these pictures I took during a different kind of holiday I had in the last week of December 1995. It's in the far north of Sweden without real daylight. The hotel was an igloo, a dog-sleigh took you anywhere you wanted and it was refreshing cool in the bedroom at night :-)
Which doesn't mean that I don't like the Caribbean Islands of course..


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Digital addresses

e-mail     : bram.bottema (at)  (replace (at) with @)
GSM        : +46-(0)70-7833471 
Voice-mail : +46-(0)70-7833471
Send an SMS message to my GSM phone
My PGP public-key .

Interested in PGP cracking math ? Read this faq collection !
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Search my log from December 1963 to March 2008 including contacts made as PA0BRM

(1966-1970 not included as of today)

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