From sampling to Complete Blood Count in about one minute

Medonic M-series M32 hematology analyzers are packed with advanced functions, including a unique MPA micro-pipette adapter. There’s no faster or simpler means of blood cell counting today. From doctors’ offices and small labs to medium-sized clinical units, they deliver 22 parameter, 3-part CBCs with outstanding ease-of-use, accuracy and reliability.

The MPA method – based on a simple finger-prick sample taken direct from the patient – is unique in hematology analyzers today. It transforms the Medonic M32 analyzer into what is probably the fastest blood cell counter in the world today!

MPA adaper – 20 µl blood is all it takes

Simply take a finger-prick sample, draw blood into the 20 µl micro-capillary, slide the tube into the adapter and insert into the analyzer. The analysis starts automatically. In about one minute later, you see the full blood status on the touch-sensitive display in front of you. There’s no preparation required, no pre-dilution, no vacuum tubes and no needles. It’s that simple.

Ideal for children, perfect for blood banks

Since a finger prick is largely painless, the MPA is the ideal way to take and analyze blood samples from children or other patients. For blood banks, it’s the perfect tool for making fast pre-donation blood cell determinations. It also saves the vein for donation.

Blood counts beyond compromise

Medonic M-series M32 hematology analyzers combine outstanding functionality with maximum flexibility. Fast and easy-to-use, their rapid results are backed up by high reliability, built-in quality monitoring and low instrument maintenance. In addition, a complete system solution comprising instruments, reagents and QC materials ensures outstanding performance time after time.

Three analyzers feature the MPA sampling method – plus many more intelligent functions

Medonic M32M

Five-sample mixer is ideal for doctors’ offices and small labs.

Medonic M32C

Closed-tube sampling minimizes risks from contaminated blood.

Medonic M32S

Autoloader for up to 2 x 20 samples.
Just load and walk away.

1. Take a finger-prick blood sample.


2. Draw up 20 μl into a K2EDTA coated micro-capillary.

3. Slide the tube into the adapter.

4. Insert in the analyzer.

5. Read the results – less than a minute later.


Medonic M51 and Medonic M32 analyzers are not for sale in the USA.