M-series M32 analyzers
One is just right for you

  • 7-inch touch-sensitive display with landscape-view WVGA color screen.
  • Interface design promotes smooth operation and accurate assessment of results.
  • Powerful software with simple-to-understand, easy-to-navigate menus.
  • Soft lighting plus ergonomic design simplify sample handling.
  • Many smart, innovative functions reside inside the cool blue design.
  • USB port is evidence of much improved connectivity and communication.

     Not available for sales in the USA.

Medonic M-series M32 hematology analyzers are packed with advanced functions. From doctors’ offices and small labs to medium-sized clinical units, they deliver 22 parameter, 3-part CBCs with outstanding ease-of-use, accuracy and reliability.

Full CBC in about one minute

Three Medonic M-series M32 analyzers include MPA micro-pipette adapter sampling. Simply take a finger prick sample and view the full blood status on the display in about one minute later.

Accurate results

Every Medonic M-series M32 analyzers comes equipped with a high-precision shear-valve. No other sampling technique collects blood as precisely as a shear valve. It’s a critical part of the measurement that you’ll see reflected in the accuracy of every result you report.

Perfect walk-away analyzer

Much as you’ll enjoy working with your Medonic M-series M32 analyzer, there will be times when you need to leave it to analyze a whole batch of samples by itself. For these occasions, the M32 with Autoloader is the ideal instrument.

Pleasure-to-use graphic interface

The user interface is undoubtedly the most visible and best appreciated feature of the Medonic M-series M32-series. Simple-to-use and easy-on-the-eye, its large 7-inch touch-sensitive display features a 800 × 480 pixel WVGA color screen with a landscape view.

Medonic M32B

Even the basic model includes shear-valve technology.

Medonic M32M

Five-sample mixer is ideal for doctors’ offices and small labs.

Medonic M32C

Closed-tube sampling minimizes risks from contaminated blood.

Medonic M32S

Autoloader for up to 2 x 20 samples.
Just load and walk away.

Model characteristics M32B M32M M32C M32S
Built-in tube mixer
Micro-pipette adapter (MPA)
Maintenance-free shear valve
Pre-dilution mode
Cap-piercing device
Technical specification
Samples per hour 60
No. of parameters 22
Touch screen Color
Samples memory 50,000
QC software Yes
No. of reagents used 2
Time to result, open tube inlet ‹50 sec
Cv WBC: 1.6%
Cv RBC: 0.8%
Cv MCV: 0.5%
Cv HGB: 0.6%
Cv PLT: 2.9%



Medonic M16/M20

Medonic M16/M20 is the basic version of the M-series with the well-renowned Medonic quality.

• Color Touch Screen
• 16/20 parameters
• 60 samples per hour
• QC program
• Printer output
• External Barcode reader

Medonic M16M/M20M

Medonic M16/M20 is the analyzer for the mainstream laboratory that prioritizes quality results from a quality cell counter. Equipped with MPA and built-in mixer.

• Color Touch Screen
• 16/20 parameters
• 60 samples per hour
• QC program
• External Barcode reader
• Micro Capillary Adapter
• Built-in mixer

Medonic M16C/M20C Closed Tube

Medonic M16C/M20C has features similar to Standard model but comes with a Cap Piercing device instead of the mixer. Can be equipped
with a built-in barcode scanner.

• Color Touch Screen
• 16/20 parameters
• 60 samples per hour
• QC program
• External Barcode reader
• Micro Capillary Adapter

Medonic M16S/M20S Autoloader

Medonic M16S/M20S Autoloader is the ultimate cell counter for the smaller to mid-sized laboratory. With optional built-in barcode scanning the system becomes a completely automated analysis system.

• Color Touch Screen
• 16/20 parameters
• 60 samples per hour
• 2×20 sample wheels
• QC program
• External Barcode reader
• Micro Capilary Adapter


Medonic M51 and Medonic M32 analyzers are not for sale in the USA.